The city is moving forward, eating what was campaign: until the horizon and over ramps. Behind the wall there is another-it-itself, out: everywhere is the city. It follows that the city had no more outside, and everywhere, for this, everything is terribly alone- alone in the city URBAN l.


Ecoplann srl is an engineering company operating in the field of urban planning and town and country planning.
design process management is guaranteed by the experience of a team of professionals involved in the development of integrated solutions between environment, urban planning, architecture and engineering.


Urban planning

The team of Ecoplann srl boasts a vast scientific production on different aspects of theory and practice in the field of urban planning.

To shareholders made out assignments from Governments for a total of 20 General planning tools and more than 70 detailed plans of which 5 related to areas falling in historic centres.



The experts of Ecoplann srl, develop studies and projects in the field of hydraulic engineering, environmental assessments and groundwater, and the development of renewable energy sources, using advanced geographic information systems (GIS).
Among these include the VAS (strategic environmental assessment), VinCa (Environmental impact assessment) the EIA (Environmental impact assessment), theHague (Ippc) and scenery.



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